Lupe Fiasco Lyrics "Pearl Harbor (Sicko Mode Freestyle)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Uh, number ones around Afros
Making figures like Hasbro

Off the field we still keep the helmet like Daft shows
Vietnam how the draft flows
Private browsing, cash flows
Flow, flow, double deck
Cash cash, that's a double check
Two jobs, double desk
Keep a magnum on me, you are not a fucking threat
That Vietnam, I'm too mature, dawg, I'm a ducking vet
Freudian slip, I correct my mistakes just to scope
One eye open, one eye closed, sniper face
One eye open, one eye closed, pirate face
One I eye woke while one hibernate
Look, it's colored people time, both eyes open
And that is how you isolate
Optimaly speaking global warming, I.C.E is lay
Ice is ice is two baby
Oh you cold cold? I'm both though
Stay dangerous as YG, you safer than a Volvo
You buy these, I sell those
I'm Crenshaw, you Melrose, like huh? (Huh, huh, huh, huh, huuuuh)
That's street street
Let's go fleet fleet, that's 36 is like 3 police (Woo woo woooo)
You can even lease, I'm Stephen King meets Jean Baptiste (Yeah!)
Rip locs, get the drum or something, that's 1500 or nothing huh?
These goofie niggas, make summer runs like they running something, they don't want none of him
I'm loosing nigga, my head band is number one
The Otaku, they don't understand where I come from
Choir singing and the pastor preaching and nuns will hum
Speak tongues To them, and I'm done with thought
And I ain't even begun it young, wave

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