Young Buck Lyrics - Happy New Year

[Verse 1: Young Buck]
I just buried my best friend
It's fuck everything
It's fuck them G-Unit niggas whatever you claim better bang
I feel no pain as I kill y'all
Cause if my nigga tick was here he would have killed y'all

40's speaking on me, you don't know me homie
But I know Compton niggas that wanna do that for me,
Go get Curtis now, tell him Buck said fuck him
Cause for the last 2 years this hoe ain't said nothing
I came from the dirt, they tryna make me hurt
I'm shitting on your label pissing on your paperwork
Look bitch you need this, here goes some energy
Yayo you know you the biggest hoe in the industry
It's all over now, you better kill me
Yeah I been selling dope to feed my babies, feel me
Ain't no way in hell that I'm a do this yearly
So I'm a start it off by saying Happy New Year...

It's a new year (come on)
Let's all on the count of 3 holla Happy New Year
It's a new year (let's go)
This year shit it's all on me
I'm hollering happy new year
It's a new year (come on)
Let's all on the count of 3 holla Happy New Year
It's a new year (let's go)
This year shit it's all on me
I'm hollering happy new year

[Verse 2:]
Standing in the graveyard everybody's crying
They say I'm gon' handle it but everybody's lying
I'm riding through these motherfucking projects with my homie in a casket
100 cars deep, we fucking up traffic
It's real life no acting
Sorry officer I don't know what happened
50 you know my homie wanted me to ride on you niggas
Before he could get to y'all he died on your niggas
Ya popped a lot of shit I let you slide on you niggas
Now Cashville is coming to NY on you niggas
The contract, bitch you took that shit beyond that
So you could give me 10 million I wouldn't come back
What the fuck is 50 cent is what Jigga said
Look at yourself, even now I'm diggin up the dead
Get some help, all you had left was 1 buck
You lost that and fucked up
Now it's happy new year...


[Talking: Young Buck]
Haha, yeah Curtis so while you watching the ball drop in New York
Well this what they listening to in the hood nigga
Yeah, Jamaica queens Brooklyn, all the boroughs round your way, we celebrating,
Now I know I'm digging up the dead but my nigga dead and gone
Rest in Peace Tick, I got you, yeah my homeboy, I think he shitted in your mansion
If I ain't mistaken but you know my nigga tick right,
He was like fuck everything so it's fuck you nigga
Fuck all y'all, all you G-unit niggas all you bitch ass niggas over there that wanna jump on the Curtis bandwagon
Fuck you niggas too, it's on nigga, 2010 it's a hell of a year nigga
Gon put you rap niggas to test nigga
We shooting over here nigga
Cashville Happy New Year,
Let's celebrate nigga, shot gun shells and AK bullets
Young Buck he on that bullshit and I ain't getting off of it neither
Curtis where is your bitch ass at now nigga, it's on, let's go.
Writer(s): 内田 悟, 大田 クルー

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