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If I, could be with you forever
My restless heart
Would never want to roam
I've never been loved

The way you love me
I wish I felt this way at home
When you kiss me
It's words without speaking
And I don't believe that
God would call this wrong
Your arms are the refuge
I was seeking
I wish I felt this way at home
But I don't, and I won't
We did all that we could
He and I
We tried hard
But it's just no good
I may never be free
Cause I've no reason
And I don't expect you to wait that long
But I'll say one more time
As I'm leavin'
I wish I felt this way at home
Yes, I wish I felt this way at home


ALBUM: "Just Because I'm A Woman" (1968):
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I Wish I Felt This Way At Home
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Just Because I'm A Woman
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