Dolly Parton Lyrics "I'm Running Out Of Love"(1968) - lyricslane

I'm running out of love and I'm running out of patience
You seem to get worse every day
I'm running out of love, better learn to resist temptation

Dolly Parton Lyrics "Love And Learn"(1968) - lyricslane

That's the way love is, you have to love and learn
I've lost again
Why can't I win?

Dolly Parton Lyrics "The Bridge" (1968) - lyricslane

The bridge, so high
The bridge, so tall
Here is where it started
On the bridge

Dolly Parton Lyrics "Little Bit Slow To Catch On" (1968) - lyricslane

I'm a little bit slow to catch on
But when I do, I'm caught on
A little bit slow to move on
But your baby is a' movin' on, on

Dolly Parton Lyrics "The Only Way Out (Is To Walk Over Me)"(1968) - lyricslane

The only way out
Is to walk over me
So you found someone else
And you're going to leave

Dolly Parton Lyrics "I'll Oil Wells Love You"(1968) - lyricslane

I met a man in Texas
And oh, he was so fine
And I said to myself
Self, I'm gonna make him mine
He owned a lot of oil wells and his bank roll sure was healthy

Dolly Parton Lyrics "False Eyelashes" (1968) - lyricslane

Folks back home think I'm a star now when they hear my records play
They say there home town girl made

Dolly Parton Lyrics "I Wish I Felt This Way At Home" (1968) - lyricslane

If I, could be with you forever
My restless heart
Would never want to roam
I've never been loved

Dolly Parton Lyrics "You're Gonna Be Sorry"(1968) - lyricslane

Some day you're gonna want me but I ain't gonna be around
Some day you'll find you miss the kiss that you're forever turnin' down

Dolly Parton Lyrics "The Little Things"(1967)- lyricslane

You never send me flowers
Or ever buy me candy
You never bring me pretty things
When you come to see me

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