Dolly Parton Lyrics "The Bridge" (1968) - lyricslane

The bridge, so high
The bridge, so tall
Here is where it started
On the bridge

Dolly Parton Lyrics "Little Bit Slow To Catch On" (1968) - lyricslane

I'm a little bit slow to catch on
But when I do, I'm caught on
A little bit slow to move on
But your baby is a' movin' on, on

Dolly Parton Lyrics "The Only Way Out (Is To Walk Over Me)"(1968) - lyricslane

The only way out
Is to walk over me
So you found someone else
And you're going to leave

Dolly Parton Lyrics "I'll Oil Wells Love You"(1968) - lyricslane

I met a man in Texas
And oh, he was so fine
And I said to myself
Self, I'm gonna make him mine
He owned a lot of oil wells and his bank roll sure was healthy

Dolly Parton Lyrics "False Eyelashes" (1968) - lyricslane

Folks back home think I'm a star now when they hear my records play
They say there home town girl made

Dolly Parton Lyrics "I Wish I Felt This Way At Home" (1968) - lyricslane

If I, could be with you forever
My restless heart
Would never want to roam
I've never been loved

Dolly Parton Lyrics "You're Gonna Be Sorry"(1968) - lyricslane

Some day you're gonna want me but I ain't gonna be around
Some day you'll find you miss the kiss that you're forever turnin' down

Dolly Parton Lyrics "The Little Things"(1967)- lyricslane

You never send me flowers
Or ever buy me candy
You never bring me pretty things
When you come to see me

Dolly Parton Lyrics "I've Lived My Life"(1967) - lyricslane

I've lived my life and I'm only eighteen
I left the country for the city
Thought I was smart but I was silly

Dolly Parton Lyrics "The Company You Keep" (1967) - lyricslane

Yes, you're known by the company you keep
You say you're doin' nothing wrong
I don't believe you are

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